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Welcome in the tutorials page. Tutorials are good for beginners which wants to learn WPP API or advanced programmers which are wondering about new programming style and WPP techniques.

Get it

To download tutorials see download page and download WPP tutorials package. In this package you can find console based tutorials that describing programming console based applications unde WPP and graphical ones that uses widgets and canvas painters.


For compiling WPP applications or tutorials is important to link these ones with WPP library:
g++ File.cpp -o File `wpp-config --cflags` `wpp-config --libs`

Console based application

WPP is not only GUI toolkit and with WPP library can be created pure console based application. WPP library is designed as three independent modules and programmer can download stripped down version of WPP that has only WPP core module and it's about 500KB binary code. WPP core module allows to create console based application with WPP features. To sucessfully create console based application, you must create WApplication interface that's usually created statically in W_MAIN():

/* Include WPP Core library */
#include <wpp/core.h>

/* Use WPP namespace */
using namespace wpp;

/* Multiplatform main declaration - creates main() or WinMain() */
  /* Create WApplication interface */
  WApplication app(W_MAIN_ARGUMEMTS);
  /* Here put your main() code */
  WOut() << "My first WPP application" << endl;
  /* Use app.SetExitCode() to change exit code, default is EXIT_SUCCESS. */
  return app.ExitCode();

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