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30.1.2006 - Work still continues...

There aren't WPP is CVS now, but I was done an experimental version. WPP core modules are nearly completed, but WPP Canvas subsystem aren't. I hope that first release will be at February.

21.1.2006 - CVS cleaned, WPP is nearly prepared

CVS was cleaned by sourceforge team and new C++ release will be merged in short time

18.1.2006 - C++ version is on the road

Everything was rewritten to C++ language, I was completed many things and new toolkit is coming soon. New C++ engine allows same things as in C + very nice syntax and implicit sharing mechanism is great, now you nac forget to reference counts or other things, just copy object to another and WPP will share it content, it's for everything that's sharable, strings, string lists, hash tables, just everything. I thing that planned february will be okay for alpha release.

15.12.2005 - Changed idea of project

C is not dead, but I was negative emails for this language and I was done some tests and C++ seems be better than C in GUI programming. I'm now rewritting parts of WDE for C++ and it will be only one library named WPP (WDE plus plus). New C++ release is planned to february 2006.

30.11.2005 - Bug fixes and new scripts uploaded

Various and compilation from CVS bugs fixed, but there are remaining some things in sources that aren't fixed. So for sucessfull install, copy your favorite font (or create symbolic link) to ~/WDE/Data/Fonts/arial.ttf. This font is hardcoded, because there aren't theme configurator.

21.11.2005 - CVS uploaded, WDE GUI library is here!

WDE Gui library was uploaded to the CVS repository. It's still incomplete, but basic functionality is here and there are great improvements against old WDE 0.1.18 library. GUI starts faster and it's more customizable, theme mechanism allows catching events from widgets, each widget has own theme data (if theme use it) and embedding is nearly done. There are also great improvements in WDE Core library. Totally redesigned shared properties are now static constants instead of dynamic ones.

13.9.2005 - Work still continues

W Desktop isn't dead, but libraries was totally splited and now we are doing on thee different libraries with small bonus for SDL. New pages also coming soon. WDE has now new abstraction layer for strings that enables basic polymorphism in pure C language and source code is very simplified by this feature. I was seen some downloads in sourceforge statistics and I say: Don't download now, I will prepare new release with rapid application development for WDE, but this requests too much work and I need help with it. Thanx everybody for interest to this project.

10.7.2005 - New release 0.1.19

This is only release from CVS with updated tutorials in tutorials section.

29.6.2005 - New release 0.1.18

I was released this, because WDE Base and WDE Libs was merged to one library and tutorials or other applications can't compile with old library. I was also updeted tutorials and added a new one:-)

20.6.2005 - New release 0.1.17

I was added a new wdesktop and fractlight release. This release contains new WDE object format, rewritted a lot of objects to it, but WDE Base and Libs will change a lot in next release.

3.6.2005 - Development still continues

WDE development still continues and WDE isn't in stable state, There are a lot of unimplemented functions and TODOs. WDE has now 3 active developers and developing can be faster, trace newer posts.

21.4.2005 - Started work on new painting engine

New painting engine will be very fast and powerful. Software painters will be optimized for MMX, MMX2 and SSE. I'm preparing two modes that will be heavily optimized. Gradients with angles, Filling with gradients, backgrounds plugins and more.

21.4.2005 - Added three tutorials and new TUTORIALS section

New tutorials for beginners can help developers to learn and understand a few WDE API functions

15.4.2005 - WDE Base is nearly completed

WDE Base is nearly completed, but not documented... Some WDE Libs stuff was moved to WDE Base and some stuff moved from WX11Engine to WEngine. All these features will be in next version (0.1.14).

6.3.2005 - New home page

WDE has a new home page and big part of WDE Base is documented. Development still continues and WDE Base will be completed very early. When WDE was completed then WDE team will start a hard work to complete WDE Libs.

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