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CVS repository

Because WDE (WPP) is still under development and news are each day, source code can be downloaded only throught CVS repository. To simplify downloading, I was written small script that connect to sourceforge.net CVS repository and downloads needed libraries for you:

  • Download wpp_checkout script
  • If it's needed, set execute flag $chmod +ux ./wde_checkout
  • Run it at your special directory $./wpp_checkout. It generates directory structure for each WDE package
  • Compilation order is
    • 1) WPP
    • 2) WPP Tutorials
  • Before you run ./configure script, you must generate it by calling ./autogen.sh in each directory
  • After you was generated ./configure script, you can use known make && make install steps
  • You can run wpp_checkout each day to download changes
  • For very lazy people or people that aren't understand these steps very well, there are second script called wpp_build that can be run after checkout to make and install WDE libraries
  • Enjoy and send me your comments and make better scripts than me:-)

  • Note: wpp_checkout and wpp_build scripts also downloads WPP Tutorials package into your system. Tutorials shows you very intuitive programming with WPP. See tutorials section for more...

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